Our Clinicians are Behavioral Health Care Experts

MedOptions multidisciplinary teams are comprised of psychiatrists, neurologists, psychologists, nurse practitioners, and licensed clinical social workers, all experienced in the provision of high quality mental health services in elderly populations. Working together with the staff at our partnering skilled nursing and assisted living facilities, they provide medication management of psychotropic drugs, memory care evaluations and thorough neurocognitive testing, therapy and other behavioral interventions, as well as providing educational in-service programs to help the staff build the skills, confidence, and effectiveness in elderly mental health care.

MedOptions provides a rewarding and enriching professional experience through the care we provide, relationships with patients and facility staff, training opportunities, and our team approach. Geriatric behavioral health care is one of the fastest growing fields in medicine, and so we are always looking for seasoned clinicians who are experienced with dementia care and Alzheimer’s disease, memory care services, elderly mental health services, and long term behavioral health care in geriatric populations.